The Banner Pic is from an adult mission trip during which I brought older Americans into the bars of the sex industry in Barrio Barretto. The American woman in the picture demonstrated great love and compassion to the women, and girls, who worked in the bars. 

What I Do

Each day I get up and jump into the mix of humanity.  I moved to Mactan Island Philippines in April, 2017. 

Primarily I work at writing interpretive theology that reveals the nonviolent God; even from scripture's most difficult passages. I also enjoy writing poetry about life, love and theology. 

I am traveling regularly and will eventually produce a book born of my experiences as I contemplate the socio-political changes of life in Asia and the ongoing impact of globalism. 

At present my writing activity is focused on a theological novel using the Exodus as the backdrop for a group of characters that witness the arrival of Moses and Aaron in Egypt. The Exodus event becomes the foil for my theology delivered through the characters in the novel. 

I also make time to produce, essays for my blog. Each essay is uniquely challenging and applicable to contemporary life. My development as a theologian led to writing poetry as a natural outlet for my thought. My poems are always theologically oriented, whether a poem is a complaint against death or a celebration of romance, theology guides each line. 


"Theology is like possibility dancing with impossibility. It is like an endless wall covered with dialectical writing and God on the other side. It is the loving embrace of creature and creator held in the tension of difference. It is a glorious exercise!"

Mike Garner