The Banner Pic is from one of our many trips to the Lapu Lapu dumpsite to bring meals, clothing, and other helps to the people who comb the refuse to find some object of value in order to live.  

What I Do

Each day I get up and jump into the mix of humanity.  I moved to Mactan Island Philippines in April, 2017. 

 I work at writing interpretive theology that reveals the nonviolent God; even from scripture's most difficult passages. I also enjoy writing poetry about life, love and theology. Information about my books are under the purchase books link or click here; Purchase Books

Watch for the release of my latest book, ‘Reflections’ in early 2020!

I also make time to produce, essays for my blog under the Reflections link. Each essay is uniquely challenging and applicable to contemporary life.

My development as a theologian led to writing poetry as a natural outlet for my thought. My poems are always theologically oriented, whether a poem is a complaint against death or a celebration of romance, theology guides each line. You can read a sampling in my 'poetry list'

Abbey and I provide meals and clothing for the people who live outside the Lapu Lapu dumpsite. I have a few pictures below of our work of love for the poor. We are happy to have young people from the area volunteer to help us. 

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Lazarus' Children

“...remember that there is no conversion to God if there is no conversion to the oppressed.” - Igancio Ellacuria