Adventure Books Interview

Chris Cameron of Center St. Recording Studio interviews author Phillip Michael Garner (Mike) about the theology and content in two of his books, Interpretive Adventures and Theological Adventures.

Lapu Lapu Dumpsite 12/8/18

Mike and Abbey Garner at the dumpsite with their guests Yogi and LanLing Rose serving over 100 meals for the children that often help their parents scavenge through garbage so they might survive.

Lapu Lapu Dumpsite Christmas Day 2018

Mike and Abbey Garner celebrating Christmas with the children and parents who survive off the refuse at the Lapu Lapu Dumpsite on Mactan Island in the Philippines. Thanks to Abbey's family for on the ground help and to my parents and son for their monetary contributions.

Lapu Lapu Dumpsite 8/31/19

Jonathan narrates this video and I added subtitle explanations to aid the viewing of the video. John will use both English and Visayan languages. John will graduate in 2019 with a degree in special education. We filmed this day because it is in honor of my Dad’s 85th birthday.