I often produce writings that I enjoy however, I do not want to share them on the website proper. I really like this particular poem. Some may consider it offensive; I don't. 

The Coward - by Phillip Michael Garner

Where’s that bastard death?
Let’s put an end to his terror!
Rip out his lungs and feed his heart to dragons.
Only a poet can personify an impersonal reality.
Only a priest can claim a little god under the almighty God.
There is only one God and one Lord Jesus Christ.

When will this terror end?
In my soul, I’m alive and resist the bastard.
While he kills me I mock him with my will

Sour, bitter, useless unwinding of life
Catastrophic, immediate horror, a quick end
Lingering, malicious, inhumane, living death

Where is God? 
In-between or beyond?
Death as Judgment
Death as enemy

Are we all so wretched?
Do we all deserve to die? 
This affront to life
This that devalues the apex of God’s work

I will not be silent
O God we could use a little more help
Be near and not far
For at my death I will curse your judgment
Impale your enemy with my embrace of life
I will overcome with Christ Jesus my King