Interpretive Adventures

The teachings presented in Interpretive adventures liberate readers from the banking system of biblical instruction, a system that is more interested in answers than the ambiguity of truth, truth read through the subversive power of narratives. You will learn to read with compassion and find God in the world through acts of mercy. You can read a theology on the Exodus that identifies God's mercy as the foil that hardens Pharaoh's heart. You can learn that the book of Judges contains a theological message through study of the female characters. If you have ever felt uncomfortable with the deaths of Ananias and Sapphira; I offer a literary and structural reading that excludes God from culpability for their deaths.


Theological Adventures

In Theological Adventures I offer nonviolent readings on a few of the most violent texts of the Old Testament. My approach to these texts begins with the interpretive lens of a moral reading. Meaning I do not attempt to justify behavior or presentations of God that are inconsistent with morality; nor do I accept perceptions of God that are inconsistent with the revelation of God in Jesus.  The second part of the book is in concert with the non-sacramental faith of Abraham, Jeremiah, Jesus and the Johannine community. I will argue effectively that Paul also fits into this group. The third part of the book is a study in male / female relational theology. 

In concert with applicable pieces of the book I have included personal stories from my life.


“These poems by Phillip Garner are coming from his deep held convictions, his Christian faith, and personal experience. They are inspiring and encouraging and a reflection on his encounter with challenging social, political and economic reality. They show consistent faith struggling in a world of sin, yet they bring hope in a dark world. His poems speak of a life’s journey seeking justice and equality for the poor and oppressed. They are powerful poems of truth that will help us be better, more compassionate people.”

-       Shay Cullen Founder and President, PREDA Foundation

“I tend to be transfixed by that which transforms. My experience with Theopoetics, a book that stands apart from Garner’s other works, proves it to be not only a primer toward a fuller understanding of scripture, as do all his books, but also a devotional guide. In a word, it’s deep”

 - David Moore, St. Stephen’s University

Everyday Thoughts


The Divine imagination is responsible for all creation, all existence. Every idea that forms reality was conceived in God’s imagination. To ascribe eternal existence to the ideas that form reality is to deify human perceptions of truth and to deny the imagination of the creator; this is the idolatry of Platonism.


“Though the book is called ‘Everyday Thoughts’, these are not the thoughts of your everyday person. This book calls the devotional reader into a deeper meditation on scripture, where alternative readings of the text can lead to fresh and insightful discussions on a variety of topics relevant to this generation.”

- Gregg Daniel Garner, President/CEO and Founder of Global Outreach Developments International