Sometimes I Grow so Tired

Sometimes I Grow so Tired

 A poem written after observing the catastrophic fires that plagues the lives of the poor living in hovels in the cities of the Philippines.


Sometimes I grow so tired

the failure

the sin

The rich keep money like one who hoards

until the filth of their greed spills over

like polluted water

like dirty air

like neglected children

like poverty

 Burning houses and no one to help

nakedness and sores

ignorance and deprivation

the weapons of the greedy

 It is not enough!

 Is it not enough?

 crumbs fall like ashes

upon this manmade hell

as fire consumes the homes

the lives of the poor 

Who will lift them up?

for no one should be down

on the ground

where black water flows

disease abounds

death surrounds

smiles rot


Sometimes I grow so tired