A Dialogue of Father and Son

My son Gregg Daniel Garner is pictured with me above at my home in Tennessee around 2003. The bottom picture is in the front yard of my father around 1978. Today Gregg is the founder and C.E.O. of Global Outreach Developments International. His mother, although she had many skills, was not given to intellectual pursuits. At an early age Gregg’s inquisitive nature met my need to share my growing intellectual pursuits. This poem is an attempt to share our interactions when he was yet a boy.


To Change the World


Can tears change the world?

Only if love moves in flesh


Can understanding bring good government?

Only if wisdom is willing to suffer


Can the brave save the dying?

Only at their own risk


Can faith move a mountain?

Life’s mountains are conquered in the ascent.


Where is the seat of evil?

In Death’s cold stare.


Where is the heart that is pure?

Alive in childhood - lost along the way -

sought by the righteous.


How shall I change the world?

Live without fear

Draw close to God

Fall in love

Teach your children

Live with ambiguity

Perfection is a myth

Do not be troubled by what others say


Mike and Gregg - Father and Son - 2009

Mike and Gregg - Father and Son - 2009