My Invisible Friends


The Invisible


I walk with the invisible

I see them everywhere

Unnamed, unknown, forgotten


He sat smiling through his toothless grin

His small son, fragile - like life is

All around people feasted

I bought my meal but gave it to him


An elderly mom, bent with years walked by,

I bought my meal  but I gave it to her

The feasting continued no one saw

No one saw the hungry and no one saw me


I walk with the invisible

I see them everywhere

Unnamed, Unknown, forgotten


After a meal the rich gathered their leftovers for the poor

A Styrofoam lunch

They jumped in their vehicle to leave

My invisible friends stood on each side with dismay and a smile


I grabbed the Styrofoam lunch to feed my invisible friends

I wept over the calloused blindness of power

I thought, “The rich are blind”


Did they not see God, standing, weeping, alongside the poor?

Is Jesus invisible too?


People are not invisible

Eyes are blind

Cataracts of callousness kill the soul

Fear of getting too close to the aesthetically abhorrent


Blind and Unaware of Reality

They build a chasm of difference

They cannot see through the eyes of others

They cannot see through their own eyes

They cannot see the invisible God or his people