Sharing our Lives and World to Bless the Poor and the Privileged

Traveling abroad is a wonderful blessing with the potential to expand a persons awareness of the rich diversity in the human family. It is imperative that we remember the poor when traveling. During our retreats we are also interested in the relational health of married couples and include theological thought and practice for helping them fall in love all over again! 

Join us for a Sojourner's Missional Retreat


How to Change a Prisoner's Life

I have been visiting prisoners in the Philippines since 1984. One of the joys is to ask them about their families. If they have children who are in need then we go and visit the home where the children are and bring the kids food, clothes, school supplies and when able we  pay their school fees. The joy is to return to the incarcerated family member with pictures and news of our care given to his or her family.   

                             Abbey sharing in the Tacloban City women's prison on the Island of Leyte.

Meeting Local Pastors

I have known Narico Nemenzo and his wife for over thirty years. I first met Narico in So. Leyte. Behind his church was a couple of large foxholes for people to seek cover in the event of a clash between the NPA (New People's Army) and government troops. Today Narico lives on Mactan Island and has a vibrant ministry. For many years the Nemenzos have fed and ministered to the poorest people in Lapu Lapu. 

                                                        Abbey, Mike, Narico and Emerose Nemenzo. 


The Resorts

 JPark Island Resort and Water Park is our favorite. We live within ten minutes of numerous resorts portrayed in the photo gallery. If an overnight stay is out of your budget then a day pass is available. Day passes come with a buffet meal and access to the resort's pools and beaches. Most resorts offer Jet Ski rental and a few offer parasailing. JPark includes other venues, such as performers at their Havana by the Sea Restaurant and Singers in the Lounge, a couple of game houses with billiard tables and multiple restaruants. 

Macau China

Visit Macau China with Abbey and I as your guides. There are numerous museums, amusement park rides in the hotels, places rich in history, and the people of Macau are all wonderfully friendly. Abbey is fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin and knows the best places to eat (not always in the big hotels). During her years living and working in Macau as a chef, Abbey supplemented her income by working as a tour guide.  


Enjoy the food, the people and the beauty of Thailand. Stay along the Chaophraya river, have dinner on a river cruise, and visit the Grand Royal Palace. We will discuss the religious thought and culture of Thailand during our stay.


Although Malaysia is a majority Muslim country there is a Hindu population in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. Christianity is also present in Malaysia. 


Singapore is a wealthy city state and English is the recognized language, although there are many people groups in Singapore who speak other languages. Nearly one fifth of Singapore's population identifies as Christian. The televangelist Joseph Prince has a large gathering in the performing arts center. Sentosa is a resort Island and a great place to end a trip with a few days of carefree fun. 

Learning the history of Singapore and the importance of Lee Kuan Yew in the founding of Singapore as a city state and an economic power in Asia is part of our trip experience.