I am originally from California. Currently, I live on Mactan Island in the Philippines. In the eighties I worked as a missionary on the Island of Leyte and traveled throughout the Visayas and parts of Luzon teaching and working with local Pastors. In the nineties I served as a pastor in California. In the 2000's I served as the founding Dean of The Institute for Global Outreach Developments International where I also trained students on the mission field. 

I have earned M.Div. M.A.R. and D.Min. degrees from Azusa Pacific University. Currently I am writing and continue to travel in Asia. I have enjoyed a variety of service to others on the mission field, including helping inmates, helping exploited labor, educating the poor on their rights, shutting down sex bars, and teaching at bible colleges. 

I am an author, a poet, and a grandfather with a growing number of grandchildren. I have been a farm worker, a Marine, an oil field worker, a plumber, a high school teacher, an expert witness, a missionary, a pastor, a bible college professor, and trained missional development workers on the field.

My life has included a journey towards non-violence. This led me to the conviction that non-violence is a calling. That is, God is calling all his children away from violence. Violence is indigenous to human beings and a non-violent life is only possible when we are walking in the Spirit. Throughout my early years violence was normative, it was accepted as inevitable, even redemptive. I was first drawn towards non-violence as a youth while watching the civil rights movement on television. Incredibly, I experienced God calling me toward non-violence on a rifle range while in the USMC. Yet, it was later in life before non-violence became a revelatory part of my spirituality. I worked with David Moore (an African American pastor) who influenced me deeply through his personal conviction to non-violence. My Hebrew professor, the late Gerald H. Wilson, also touched my life with his personal integrity as a Quaker. I was nearly fifty years old before I embraced the spirituality of living non-violently as a decisive reality to be incorporated into my life. Everyday is a struggle, violence is so easy to use. The way of God is a way of peace, of justice and righteousness, it dismantles the structures of power that inhibit the reign of God. 

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God". 

                                                                       Matthew 5