A Brief Bio

Phillip Michael Garner

Phillip Michael Garner is a writer, poet, and theologian. Mike lives on Mactan Island in the Philippines, travels Asia, and provides meals for the poor living at a dumpsite. He is passionate about presenting Christian faith in the competing field of religious ideology. He is part historian, part social critic and always theological. His religious formation is complimented by an enduring imagination continually seeking words to articulate hope and possibility for a better world. Garner's formal education was attained at Azusa Pacific University where he received M.Div., M.A.R., and  D. Min. Degrees.

Garner is the father of three children who have given him twelve grandchildren. Garner's son    Gregg D. Garner is a playwright and the C.E.O. of Global Outreach Developments International located in Hopewell TN. His son Michael lives in Maryland and his daughter Trinity lives in Tennessee. Garner is known by his friends as Mike. He was widowed in 2017 and remarried Abbey Losaria.

Brandon Galford is a teacher at The Institute for G.O.D. Int'l. He writes about his experience as one of Mike's students in the forward to Theological Adventures. 

"By applying a hermeneutic of suspicion and treating the text as literature that must be interpreted and not simply ingested at face value, Garner unlocks genuine meaning in passages that seem to portray God as violent. He argues that nonviolence is central to the divine nature. This is not a peripheral idea. 'God hates violence' is a quote that I've often heard Mr. Garner use. In every communicative forum - personal conversations, class lectures, books, online articles and blogs, Facebook and Twitter posts - Garner can be found positing this theological assertion: There is no violence in God".  

Phillip Michael Garner's books are published by Wipf and Stock Publishers