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Tours of Asia and the Philippines for Couples, Small Groups, and Writers. 

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Our Spiritual Retreat Adventures

We provide opportunity to experience both the comfort of world class resorts and the joy of blessing the poor with meals, clothing and other daily needs.  If you would like to see the beauty of the Philippines, bless the poor with food, clothing, and other needs, then Abbey and I can help. The early morning devotional time will help focus our effort to experience God with scripture reading, prayer, poetry, and service to the poor. 

If you're interested in visiting Macau China to learn of the Jesuit work, visit the broken church, see the museums and enjoy the beauty and food of San Malo, we can help. Abbey lived in Macau for seven years, we have both explored Macau and studied its history. We also offer trips to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore as part of our retreat experience. 

Through email we can converse and help you with your area of interest. The missional aspect of your trip can include activities that we have been involved in. For example, Dr. Mike has aided  girls to escape sex trafficking, ministered to the tribal people known as the Aeta, and ministered to prisoners throughout the Northern and Central Philippines.

The devotional practice of our retreats focus on nonviolent theology and scripture, relational theology, poetry and writing. We also minister to couples who seek to renew the love that sparked their relationship. 

Mike and Abbey have traveled together throughout numerous Asian nations. Come, be refreshed and bring home stories that can touch the hearts of God's people. 

What We Offer 

Trip Cost (From U.S.)

We can design your trip and activities to fit your preferences and budget. Basic cost for airfare with 12 days in the Philippines is $3,900 per person.  Remember a portion of your trip costs are used to provide for the poor. 


You will fly into the Cebu International Airport and stay with us at our home in a secured development. We will pick you up at the airport and be with you throughout the duration of your stay. 

Meals will be served by Abbey Garner an international chef who has prepared meals for the wealthiest people in the world. 

Trip Emphasis

Choose your retreat focus! Your retreat can focus on service, theological study, Asian history and religion, or restoring love to your marriage. 

Service Activities

Retreat service activities can include providing meals, slippers, and necessities to, people living outside the dumpsite at Lapu Lapu, and people living in the Mabolo Cemetery. 

Retreat service trips to the Island of Luzon to visit the tribal people known as the Aeta, meet girls working in the sex industry, tour the economic zone (the former U.S. military base) require an increased cost. 

Debriefing Activities

Mactan Island is home to numerous world class resorts. All trips include a day pass to JPark or Shangri-la. These times of rest will include deeper discussions on systemic poverty, nonviolence, relational theology for men and women. 

Ministering food, clothing and toiletries to the poor from Luzon to Leyte to Cebu. 

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Choose the registration form in the links below that best suit your needs. We will be blessed to share with you our lives on Mactan Island.

A spiritual retreat should always be an adventure, should always move the seeker forward toward maturity, toward spiritual intelligence, toward God.
— Phillip Michael Garner

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