The Broken Church

In 2017, Abbey and I were in Macau China and visited the site of St. Paul's church, or the 'broken church' as the remaining facade is popularly known. The church was built by  Jesuits in the 17th century. It was the largest church in Asia and a testimony to the merging alongside of both Portuguese and Chinese culture. The church was part of a larger complex that included a college and contained the burial site of the era's prominent Jesuit priests. The church, like our world, is broken. Learning to repair the world with theology that heals brokenness, both inward and outward, is my pursuit. 

Writing Theology for a Better World

Breaking rules established by cultural moralism, and religious or legal restrictions, is liberating when our freedom is more moral, more humane, and open to the twists of the wildly chaotic world. Life is messy, it is wild and precious, be free in Christ. Happiness is lived on the edge of messy, next door to untamable, friends with the unpredictable, and mixed with tears of sorrow and joy. - Mike Garner


                                             Dr. Mike Garner


Welcome to my website. I am a writer, a poet, a theologian and a radical follower of Jesus. It is my conviction that Christianity is not impotent but able to change the world. 

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PUrchase Books

Enjoy my books, they are challenging, diverse in style, and offer interpretive readings,  devotional readings, poetry, and nonviolent theology. 

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Missional Retreats for Writers, Seekers, Sojourners


Couples Seeking to Restore the Love in their Marriage

Mike and Abbey in Manly Australia

My wife Abbey and I provide a spiritual experience of joy, thought, service and adventure, for couples, groups and writers. Visit us in the Philippines to travel, feed the poor, and reflect on Christian faith. 

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